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Danyelle Freeman, better known as “Restaurant Girl” and a judge on Top Chef Masters, is single. But if you are considering asking out the petite and spunky brunette, you are going to have to compete with some stiff competition.

“I prefer a great steak over a great man,” Danyelle said during an interview I did with her at a Borders bookstore in New York on the occasion of the release of her new book Try This: Traveling the Globe without Leaving the Table (Ecco, 2011)

The book is a memoir of Danyelle’s appetite, blending a trip through her experiences with different ethnic foods with some very detailed information about each cuisine. For instance: pick up a piece of nigiri sushi with your fingers – not chopsticks – by the rice and dip only the fish into soy sauce, and only a little, and don’t add wasabi to the sauce but only onto the fish directly in a small amount. Not because this is the proper way, but because this proper way enhances the experience.

The interview contains personal stories, behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Top Chef and lots of talk about delicious things.

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