Lead interviewer and producer Allen Salkin cooked his first recipes out of a James Beard cookbook when he was 11. His parents had no idea why he would want to make “chicken in envelopes” and had never heard of a shallot. Since then, Allen has gone on to become an investigative reporter, author, video host and frequent participant in seminars about food and media. He writes and makes videos for the New York Times, Food Republic, Slashfood, Saveur and other publications and is working on a book related to food television.


Assistant producer Jackie Goldstein is a recent graduate of Emerson College pursuing a life in food.  She has had experiences in public relations, journalism, television, and the arts.  She also interns at Eater and volunteers with The New Amsterdam Market.  She is passionate about cooking, dining, being a 5th generation New Yorker and horror movies.



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