What are your most effective beauty secrets?

What are your most effective beauty secrets?
Maxwell Sterling / Jul, 30 2023 / Beauty and Skincare

The Power of Hydration

Well, let's dive into it then. The first beauty secret I am going to reveal is no secret at all. Hydration. Now, you might be thinking, "Maxwell, I've heard this a billion times!" But trust me, as a bloke who's been on the wrong end of a sun-stroked cricket game, hydration is key. Remember, our skin makes up around 15% of our body, and it's constantly dealing with the external elements every day. So put down your stubby and pick up a glass of water and drink, my friends.

Keeping your body, and consequently your skin, hydrated can have dramatic effects on your overall look. Not only does it keep your skin fresh, but it also helps your hair and nails grow stronger. What's more, it can help you manage your weight, keep your joints supple, and leave you feeling more energetic. It's a simple swap, but the payoff is immense. It's a daily strategy that I stand by and it's done wonders for my own personal aesthetic.

Natural is Beautiful: Embrace Organic Products

My second beauty secret is the use of organic products. I mean, who wouldn't want to treat their skin to a smorgasbord of natural, cruelty-free, planet-friendly products? It's time to ditch the nasty chemicals and embrace what mother nature has to offer. Nowadays, there are endless organic products available which range from soaps, shampoos, body lotions, and even manly beard oils for all you impressive beard growers out there. And let's not forget about organic skincare products.

I myself truly swear by some of these gems. For instance, I was plagued with skin irritation and outbreaks, until one day, I stumbled upon a tea tree oil-based cream. I was skeptical at first but thought, "Why not give it a go?" The outcome? It was an absolute game-changer for my skin. Two weeks into using the magic potion, my skin felt refreshed and invigorated, the irritation and outbreaks reduced remarkably. A close friend even asked if I had a Photoshop filter on my face when we had a Zoom catch up! So lads, don't shy away from these natural wonders. Go natural, go organic!

Slather on the Sunscreen

Living here in the glorious sunshine of Melbourne, Australia, it quickly becomes quite clear that a good sunscreen is not just a summer requirement. It’s an everyday essential that can help protect your skin from the damaging UV rays of the sun. This, my friends, is my third beauty secret.

It's saddening how many people neglect this single, crucial step in their beauty regimens. And, as an Aussie who's been under the harsh outback sun and for whom a day out at the beach is a weekly ritual, I cannot stress enough how vital our friendly tube of sunscreen is. It's your line of defense against wrinkles, pigmentation, and even skin cancer! My mantra? Sun’s out, sunscreen's on!

An Active Lifestyle is Your Best Friend

Beauty secret number four is as clear-cut as it gets – being active. Now, hang on there, let me clarify – I am not merely stating that you have to sign up for a grueling gym membership or go crazy over CrossFit. Let's just say incorporating any sort of physical activity into your routine can work wonders. It could be as simple as a long walk around the neighborhood, biking along the Yarra, or a weekend game of beach cricket.

Regular physical activity can help regulate blood flow, resulting in a healthier and happier complexion. Moreover, breaking a sweat helps you rid your skin of toxins and encourages the production of natural oils, leaving your skin vibrant and glowing. Oh, and let's not forget about the mood-uplifting and stress-reducing benefits of exercise. It's an all-round win-win. While not everyone pays heed to the link between fitness and good looks, trust me, the connection is real. Break a sweat and see!

De-stress With Massages

Now that we’re talking about stress, beauty secret number five is all about managing it. How, you ask? Massages! A therapeutic rubdown can work wonders for your stress levels and have you radiating from within. The benefits of a good, reinvigorating massage extend well beyond mere relaxation. They can boost your immunity, improve your sleep quality, and enhance your skin's radiance.

My pro tip here is to opt for natural oils while getting a massage. Hair, face, body — for all the above, nothing beats a massage with coconut or jojoba oil. And for all you skeptical blokes out there, don’t dismiss this as some new age mumbo jumbo. Being an ardent cricket fan, I once pulled a muscle while diving for a catch during a friendly match. My physiotherapist suggested regular massages with warm olive oil, and I was back on the pitch within a few weeks. Now that’s the healing power of a good old massage!

Good Sleep Equals Good Looks

From one night owl to another, the final beauty secret is the elixir of life itself – sleep. Gosh, I've lost count of the number of times my mum emphasised this. Turns out, she was right! Good sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining our youthful charm and glow. It gives your body and skin the much-needed rest to repair and rejuvenate.

Ever wonder why we usually wake up looking fresh after a good night's sleep? That's because while we're all snoozing away, our skin gets to work — repairing, renewing, and regenerating itself. So let's make sure we're giving it ample time to do its thing. And hey, there's no harm in adding a little beauty routine before you hit the sack — a gentle face cleanser, followed by a hydrating moisturiser would do just fine. So, my friends, strike that balance, and reap the beauty benefits of a well-rested you.